DBS Foundation was started to champion social entrepreneurship and to support purpose-driven start-ups - social enterprises - across Asia. Since 2014, we have provided grant funding to more than 60 social enterprises in the region with over SGD 6M deployed in areas such as healthcare, social inclusion, environment protection, waste management and food sustainability. We have further nurtured more than 400 social enterprises and provided HR, finance, capital raising, and digital marketing capabilities through DBS employees.

During Covid-19, we saw the need to step up our support to social enterprises to help them to transform their businesses. DBS Foundation has given out an additional Business Transformation Grant this year to support social enterprises so that they can protect and create jobs, as well as pivot and explore new income streams to transform their business operations. This will help support 5,200 existing jobs and aim to create 1,500 more jobs, impacting > 1.3 million beneficiaries and their families.